The Apostle Paul is the epitome of God’s grace. Rescued, restored, refined, remade – he showcases how God changes a heart fully, from the inside out. In this Unit, your class will journey with Paul and experience just a few of his adventures. Your class will also see that the start of the first churches was not easy!

Monday : Saul Meets Jesus

Everyone’s testimony of grace begins somewhere. Paul’s begins in a literal “somewhere” – the road to Damascus. Our goal is showcasing how God radically changed this man’s life. Your part is reminding the class that we often have “Sauls” in our own lives – people who are rough, but still need Jesus.

Tuesday : Paul & Silas in Prison

During this lesson, we learn that Paul did not travel and do ministry alone – he had several partners and this week, we see that Paul and Silas spent some time in jail together. Our goal is teaching what Paul and Silas did that changed their attitude and their entire situation. Your part is helping the class see that singing praises to God can change our attitudes – and sometimes our situations! – as well.

Wednesday : Paul in Athens

We continue journeying with Paul and find ourselves in a unique city: Athens, Greece. Our goal is explaining why Paul’s sermon about “the unknown God” made such an impact. Your part is reminding the class that there are still people in this world who do not know there is one God and one Savior.

Thursday : Paul is Shipwrecked

One last adventure with Paul! We can’t forget about his famous shipwreck on the island of Malta! Our goal is engaging the class with the story of a storm, a shipwreck, a snake bite, and an Almighty God. Your part is applying this story to their lives, helping the class see that God can keep us calm through the storms of our lives, too.

Friday : Missionary Story

A BCM missionary will share how she came to know the Lord in a country that is very hostel to Christianity.  Her testimony will encourage everyone to see God’s power and faithfulness.

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