Nairobi, Kenya (BCM World)—Pulling out a teacher’s manual or flipping open a laptop to start up a PowerPoint presentation are common practices these days for teaching a Bible class. But what does one do in a country like Kenya where such resources are not readily available? One BCM missionary Marion Jean Grant has an answer for sharing the Word of God without curricula, visuals, or props. Because ultimately, to teach the Bible one really needs only one teaching aid: the Bible itself!

A BCM missionary to Pakistan for upwards of 20 years, Marion Jean Grant, or “MJ”, is also Associate Director for CBS4Kids. Or in long form, Chronological Bible Storytelling for Children. CBS is a…

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When BCM missionaries Dr. Djawotho Kisa and Mrs. Pat Govender stepped from an MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) prop plane onto the grass airstrip of Aungba in eastern DRC, prepared to begin a scheduled children’s ministry training seminar, they weren’t expecting to be greeted as visiting royalty. A singing, hand-clapping crowd swarmed the plane. Animal horns blew. Women offered calabashes filled with warm water to wash away their journey’s dust.

The celebration? A traditional welcome for visitors bringing good news to the village. In this case, that…

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Rev. Dr. Vararuchi Franz Dalavai — 1940-2014:
An “Unlikely Moses”

Hyderabad, India (BCM World) — “I prayed like Moses prayed. I said ‘Lord, why did you give me all this? Leave me alone!’”

When Chris Martin received word that Rev. Dr. Vararuchi Dalavai had passed into the presence of his heavenly Father on January 14, 2014, in Hyderabad, India, he remembered vividly sitting across from Vararuchi several years earlier, listening to those statements.

And his own surprise…

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2014 Annual Banquet

Yoder's It is time once again for our Annual Banquet. To be held at Yoder's Family Restauraunt on Friday, May 02, 2014 at 6:00 PM