Who We Are

In the summer of 1936, Miss Bessie Traber was seeking the Lord’s direction. She had been a missionary in the Philippines. At a Labor Day Conference in Philadelphia, Miss Traber told how God blessed her Bible Clubs in the Philippines. After her presentation, many young people asked her, “Why can’t we have Bible Clubs like that in Philadelphia?” Bible Club Movement was born!

As other Christians were stirred to see the spiritual needs of children and young people, the work expanded, spreading to other cities and states. In order to facilitate Bible teaching, a complete visualized Bible study course for children and young teens was written. The course was called Footsteps of Faith. This and other BCM publications have been written and produced in many languages and are used today around the world by churches and other mission organizations.

Over the years God has greatly expanded BCM’s worldwide ministries and we now have approximately more than 850 full-time missionaries serving in 50 different countries. Since we have diversified – community, compassion and church ministries – we are now known as Bible Centered Ministries.