Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a faith-based mission?

BCM operates as a faith-based mission meaning there are no automatic salaries.  Instead each missionary personally raises the prayer and financial support needed to carry on the ministry.  We will teach you proven methods to enlist supporters as you depend on God financially

How do I contact BCM?

Fill it out the Preliminary Questionnaire and submit it online.  You will be contacted by our Mobilization Department and together we will explore mutually suitable ministry possibilities.  We will advise you on the details of the application process.

Where can I find the doctrinal statement?

You may find the Doctrinal Statement here.

What is the first step?

We recommend you discuss your missions’ interest with your Pastor.  You will be required to have this recommendation in writing to proceed with the application process.

How long does the process take?

Generally the formal application process, subsequent approval, followed by 2 weeks Candidate Orientation can be completed in about 3 months.

What types of missionaries does BCM have?

Long-Term Missionaries — These are individuals who have been accepted by the International Board of Directors for full-time missionary status with BCM International. Their acceptance by the Board is contingent upon their having successfully met the requirements for service with BCM.

Short-Term Missionaries/Workers — Short-term Missionaries are those who have met the requirements set by BCMʼs leader for short-term ministries, who are then accepted by the appropriate national/regional leadership. BCM short-term missionaries serve a maximum length of two years. A support level is established to meet the specific needs required to perform the BCM ministry for which they have been approved. A Short-Term Worker is one who serves with BCM for a limited assignment of not more than one year. The application and approval procedures for this classification are based upon the specific BCM ministry in which they will be serving.

BCM Associate — An Associate is a volunteer who does not receive pay for missionary service.  The Associateʼs role is to assist in the work of the Mission. They are under the supervision of the BCM leadership to whom they are
responsible in their area of service. The International Board of Directors of BCM authorizes the acceptance of an Associate Worker based on their application to such ministry and their adherence to the doctrinal beliefs, character and spiritual qualifications required by the Mission. An Associate may receive financial assistance, as necessary, for expenses to undertake the ministry God has given to them with the Mission. A Certificate of Appointment will be presented to the Associate.

Volunteer — A Volunteer is an individual who feels called by the Lord to BCM ministry and has agreed with the BCM Doctrinal Statement which enables them to be accepted as a BCM volunteer. Each volunteer will be assigned to a designated individual within BCM for leadership purposes and accountability.