Application Process

Get InvolvedWe’re excited that you’re interested in missionary service with BCM International. We’d like to remind you that missionaries serving with BCM are not salaried by BCM.


Contact BCM

  • Fill out the Preliminary Questionnaire. It will be routed to the nearest office to where you’re located, and that office will contact you.
  • Contact the BCM office nearest you with any questions you may have and we’ll be sure to answer them.


Applicant Status

  • If you’re selected to apply to BCM, you will receive application papers to complete and return.
  • Application papers must be satisfactorily completed. A married couple must each complete a separate application. Both must meet our requirements for service.
  • Application reviewed and approved by all BCM leadership responsible for that particular BCM ministry, area or region.
  • Invitation is given to begin BCM Ministry Training/Candidate Orientation.


Candidate Status

  • Complete Candidate Orientation as prescribed by BCM leadership to receive practical instruction and training in preparation for ministry as a BCM missionary.
  • Meet with BCM Candidate Orientation leadership who will determine the appropriate category for the candidate:
    • Full acceptance as an appointee to a particular area of BCM ministry.
    • Provisional Acceptance and appointment to an area with conditions to fulfill.
    • Delayed acceptance for completion of certain requirements and further evaluation.


Appointee Status

  • The Appointee will receive an official acceptance letter giving his/her BCM Ministry Description, a starting date and a Support Schedule listing the financial requirements necessary to begin BCM ministry.
  • The appropriate BCM leadership will send notification of the Appointee’s missionary status to their sending church.


Missionary Status

  • The Appointee status is changed to Missionary status when the Appointee is cleared by BCM leadership to proceed to assigned BCM ministry.