Requirements for Service

So you’re interested in serving with BCM International? Great! We have a few requirements that you’ll need to meet in order to become a BCM missionary. Take a look at the requirements below.
  1. A testimony of regeneration and life change through personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as personal Savior and Lord.
  2. A solid conviction that God has called one into missionary service.
  3. Completion of formal Bible training and/or a consistent life of Bible teaching competency evidenced through a faithful and consistent ministry in a local church or Christian ministry.
  4. An understanding of and love for the Church of Jesus Christ, both local and universal, as well as being an active member of a local church.
  5. A willingness and ability to work closely on a team of missionaries.
  6. A willingness to trust God for the provision of prayer and financial support from the local sending church, other churches, family and friends.  BCM operates as a faith mission.
  7. Affiliation with and unreserved commendation by the spiritual authority and leadership of the local sending church(es) and a quality experience in Christian ministry that is acknowledged by the church leadership.
  8. Agreement with the Doctrinal Statement of BCM International.
  9. Manifesting a Holy Spirit-controlled life and evidence of the fruit of the Spirit, with a desire to be a servant who is teachable and seeks to be sensitive to the needs of those with whom they minister.