BCM Special Projects


BCM Special Projects

Child Safety Training for BCM Leaders

Safeguarding children is a top priority at BCM, and we seek to equip our leaders with up-to-date information and renew our awareness of child safety practices.

In March, CSPN (Child Safety and Protection Network) hosted its 2024 Global Conference: How Healthy Programmes Lead to Safer Kids. Our executive team along with BCM leaders from Africa and Asia were able to attend the conference where they gained insight and understanding into the best child safety practices and how to implement them into our ministries around the world.

CSPN is a network of mission agencies, faith-based NGOs and international Christian schools. The heart, calling, and mission of CSPN is to collaborate across the globe with other Christian organizations to connect, educate, and protect through effective child safety programs.


Money raised will go directly to the task of implementing CSPN training wherever BCM works with children and vulnerable people.

Travel Expenses for ISMT Trainers in Africa

In Africa, the impact of In Step With The Master Teacher (ISMT) training is nothing short of transformative!Through this program, dedicated individuals are equipped with the skills and knowledge to become effective children’s ministry teachers. The ripple effect of ISMT is evident as these teachers, armed with a passion for imparting wisdom and love, reach children in diverse communities.

By supporting this special project, you are helping to expand this invaluable training, enabling the creation of more passionate and skilled children’s ministry teachers. Your support doesn’t just fund a program; it unlocks the potential to reach more children, providing them with a foundation of faith and a brighter future. Join us in making a lasting impact on young lives through the gift of education and love.


Money raised will go directly to travel expenses for ISMT Trainers in Africa. 

Global Ministry Fund

Our Global Ministry Fund is the foundational financial base to all we do. BCM International is a faith-based organization which has trusted God for 87 years to provide the funding needed for faithful ministry, discipleship, and spiritual transformation to be realized in reaching children and strengthening the church. Our financial model allows us to do a lot for the kingdom with a little. However, giving to this fund helps sustain the basic discipleship work and systems needed to steward this significant work globally.