BCM World August 2023– In this issue: Passing the Presidential Baton; Reflections From the Road; Pointing Children to Christ in Ecuador

BCM World November 2022– In this issue: BCM Commissions New President; One Year of BCM Uganda; BCM Nepal After Covid; Trusting God’s Heart, Not Our Plans; Mobilize Goes Virtual; Celebrating in Troubled Times; Expanding Territory for BCM Latin America; Taking the Good News to Pakistan; God’s Abundant Grace Transcends Covid; Keeping the Faith in War-Torn Ukraine; A Promise Kept; Online + In-person + Vacation Bible School + Backyard Bible Clubs = Vacation Bible Club; New Life for Tiny Steps

BCM World March 2022– In this issue: Still Speaking Truth in Ukraine; Sharing What Christmas is About in Peru; Uganda Joins BCM Africa; Big Sky Bible Camp Celebrates 75 Years of God’s Faithfulness; No Small Harvest Field; Sharing God’s Love Story; Taking the Next Step to Reach Latin America; New Leadership for Kingdom Conquest in the Philippines; New Missionaries for BCM Africa

BCM World August 2021– In this issue: North America Reopens In-Person Children’s Ministry; Innovation in South America; ISMT Spreads Across Africa; BCM Europe Takes Creative Access Outdoors; Asia Still Under Lockdown; A Prayer Room for All Nations

BCM World December 2020– In this issue: Bible Club + Covid-19 = Reinvention; Bible Club by Mail; Choosing Life in Bolivia’s Covid-Struck Highlands; Africa ISMT Update; Handi*Camp 2020 Comes to Zoom; Reaching Recife’s Quarantined Slums; When God’s Plans Change Ours; Children’s Camps in Corona Time; Beyond this Pandemic; Camping with Covid; Praying for Post-Covid Vision in Ukraine

BCM World July 2020– In this issue: BCM Responds to Covid-19; Europe Goes Digital; Amidst Covid; Online Serving; BCM Canada in Covid-19 Times; “Locking Down ISMT!”; Go for It!; Filling the Quarantine Void; Life for a New Season in Sri Lanka; Giving Thanks in all Circumstances — Even Social Distancing!; God’s Ambassadors to Covid Sufferers; “Doing Good” Amidst Covid-19

BCM World November 2019– In this issue: Taking the Lead; Nobody Showed Me How!; Women Breaking Free in Durban, South Africa; Making a Difference Summer 2019; Modeling Jesus with a Fat Lip; Reaching a Unique Community in Suriname; Bringing the Church to Durban’s Hospitals; Standing Firm in Nepal

BCM World March 2019– In this issue: Bringing a New Destiny to House of Fates; Still Giving Beauty for Ashes; A Spark Lit in Guyana; A Bumper Harvest in Chiapas, Mexico; Partnering with Awana in Bolivia; BCM Bolivia Appoints New National Director; Thinking Big in East London, South Africa; Mobilize Comes to Africa; Never Too Old to Reach Kids

BCM World October 2018– In this issue: A Snapshot of BCM’s 2018 Summer Camp Season; Making Disciples Among Bolivia’s Teens; Animal Puppets 101: Turning Paper into Children’s Ministry; Building Boys God’s Way; Celebrating 70/40 in Northern Ireland; Shining for Jesus in Northwestern Myanmar; When Children’s Ministries Grow Up; An Authentic Encounter; Serving the Lord with Joy in Suffering; Looking to the Next Half-Century at Cortland Bible Club Camp; A Banner Still Raised High in Spain

BCM World April 2018– In this issue: BCM Celebrates New USA Ministries Director; A Heritage of Faithfulness; Responding to a New Macedonian Call; Snowfall Places No Damper on Fun at BCM Camps; Remembering the Prisoner in the Name of Jesus; Growing Fruit on Other’s Trees in Romania; Celebrating Easter with God’s People in Guyana

BCM World December 2017– In this issue: Stepping Out to Raise Up Leaders in Haiti; Big Fruit From Small Seeds in Suriname; NEXT-GEN BCM Crosses Borders to Serve; Impacting Regions Beyond with ISMT; Created to Teach; Gospel on Wheels; Rewriting Hope into Brazil’s Written-Off Favela Children

BCM World August 2017– In this issue: A Farmer’s Daughter in Thailand; “Are You Mrs. Religious?”; Tailoring Garments for Hope in Rural India; One Small School Dreams Big; One Year Later in Madagascar; Seventy Years in Big Sky Country; Running for a Reason; Keeping a Promise; Picking Up After El Niño; A Recipe for God’s Word

BCM World March 2017– In this issue: Putting Hand to the Plow Without Looking Back; On the Road with God in Africa; “If I Perish, I Perish”; Building Children’s Lives Across India; El Niño Devastates BCM Peru; A Welcome Blast from the Past”

BCM World December 2016– In this issue: BCM Canada—75 Years of Reaching Children and Serving the Church; Sharing, Loving, and Caring in Cameroon; From Peru to the Poconos; “Disciple or Die!”

BCM World September 2016– In this issue: “Work Hard—Make it Good—Finish Strong”; Bringing Home the Good News; Raising Up Next-Gen Leaders in Poland; Field Briefs from Cuba, Pennsylvania, Madagascar, and Ukraine

BCM World June 2016– In this issue: Volunteering for God-Venture in Romania; Not Looking Back in Persecution-Torn North India; No Place to Lay Their Head; Sharing “FIHAVANANA” With Madagascar’s Most Vulnerable; Finding Refuge in His Everlasting Arms

BCM World March 2016– In this issue: Fire Loss in Muntinlupa City Becomes Eternal Gain; Coming Home to Africa’s Heartland; BCM Ukraine: Speaking Unchanging Truth to an Ever-Changing Nation; A Border Crossing for BCM Peru; “Here I Am, Send Me—to Hungary?”

BCM World December 2015– In this issue: “Past! Present! Future! What’s next for BCM Europe?”; Miscommunication Leads to Lifetime of Service; New Leadership for BCM Netherland’s De Herikon; Singapore Welcomes Littworld 2015; Medical Mission Heals Souls and Bodies in Brazil’s Desolate Outback; National Holiday + Family Fun = Ministry Opportunity

BCM World September 2015-In this issue: “Neither Rain nor Heat . . . nor Flying Bullets!”; New Life For “Quirumas” in Peru’s Amazon Rainforest; Field Briefs: Because You Prayed; God is not Dead in Bourges, France; God’s Choice for BCM Germany; The Call to Camp Ministry Continues!

BCM World June 2015– In this issue: God’s Church Still Stands in Earthquake-Shaken Nepal; Ordinary People Called to Serve Extraordinarily; From an Email to Gabon’s Children; Setting Captives Free at Bcm’s Camp Sankanac; Preaching a Risen Savior Even in the Midst of Bullets

BCM World March 2015– In this issue: Man’s Ultimatum Becomes God’s Opportunity in Sri Lanka Part 2, Growing up BCM Lanka, A Monument of Praise: God Is Not Finished With BCM Italy, Disappointment Brings Blessing in Bangladesh

BCM World December 2014– In this issue: Man’s Ultimatum Becomes God’s Opportunity in Sri Lanka, Passing the Baton, A New Home for Myanmar’s Lost Children, Good Samaritans Still Needed in the Ukraine’s War Zones, Dave and Lois Haas: Passing on the Baton of Faithful Footsteps

BCM World September 2014– In this issue: BCM Camps – Summer Fun Leaves Lasting Impact, BCM UK—Get Real! and JaM at Barton Camp 2014, Miss Dewey and the Gospel Puppets go to the Fair!

BCM World June 2014– In this issue: A Royal Celebration for BCM Philippines, Women Reaching Women at the Top of the World, Unexpected Travelers: When a Short-Term Missions Team Unraveled, God Made a Way, Footsteps of Faith Becomes a “Fishing Pole” for Romania’s Christians, Multiplying “Bread and Fishes” for Bolivia’s Flood Victims, Cuba: Wide Horizons in the Pearl of the Carribbean

BCM World April 2014– In this issue: “Please Come Back Again, and We Are Waiting”, Just Telling Stories, Camping in the Southern Hemisphere, Praying for ‘La Victoure’ in Toulouse, Candidate Orientation: A Blessing for the Future

BCM World February 2014– In this issue: Braving Lions, Hyenas and HIV to Reach Zimbabwe’s Children; “I just said Yes”; Bringing Good News to Grenada; Rev. Dr. Vararuchi Franz Dalavai—1940-2014:  An “Unlikely Moses”

BCM World Fall 2011 In this issue: Staying the Course, Snapshops of a Legacy, Oscar Hirt: A Mission Director with a Big Heart; Making a Difference for God; Helen Black: The Woman Who Refused to Leave; Disappointment Becomes God’s Appointment!; Angels in the Night; Still I Will Follow; Field Briefs; Handing the Baton; Notes from India

BCM World Spring 2011– In this issue: BCM’s Birthplace Celebrates Diamond Jubilee; A Persistent Young Hero; BCM UK: Going Beyond the Call of Duty; Walking Where Jesus Walked; Junior Missions Takes Wings; Because Children Really Do Matter!; ISMT Goes to Kenya; Chloe Chamberlain: Inspiring the Next Generation; Triple Celebration for BCM Canada

BCM World Fall 2010 In this issue: Sowing Seeds of Transformation in Brazil’s Favelas; Looking Back and Leaning Forward: BCM’s USA Camps; Albania: From Atheist State to Vibrant, Growing Church; Historic Ireland Guesthouse Becomes BCM’s Newest Camp; Singing Through Tears in Zambia; Mailbox Bible Club: Displaying a Heavenly Father’s Persistent Love

BCM World Summer 2010– In this issue: From Rice Paddy to Light on a Hilltop; A Church Rebuilt; On the Road Again!; No Coincidence, but Everlasting Arms; When Dreams Come True in Eastern Cape, South Africa; To Poland with Love; Heaven Reigns Over Haiti; New Missionary Appointees

BCM World Fall 2009– In this issue: Effective Short-Term Missions – It Doesn’t Just Happen!; Living From a Suitcase – And Liking It!; Soccer + Jesus = True Winners; BCM Philippines: Making a Difference for Jesus; Mindano: A War Without a Horizon; Father to the Fatherless; It All Started With a Book

BCM World Spring 2009– In this issue: Not My Home; Footsteps of Faith in War-Torn Congo; From Bible Camp to Mayor; Changing Ukraine, One Heart at a Time; New Vision for Bolivia; Living Water in the Navajo Nation; Refined by Suffering; Training Trainers in South Africa

BCM World Winter 2008– In this issue: Raising Next Generation’s Leaders; Because Children Matter: Reaching the 4-14 Window; A Legacy of Love; Natural Disaster Opens Doors to Gospel; Celebrating God’s Church in the Equatorial Rainforest; United in Purpose: BCM International European Conference 2007; Discover Jesus More Than Just a Theme

BCM World Fall 2008– In this issue: Orissa Burning: Faith Under Fire; A Contagion of Faithfulness; Wendell & Jean Otteson: Because You Gave; Anne Carman: No Temas, Tened Fe en Dios; Dave & Lois Haas: Shaping Lives Through God’s Word; Tim & Joyce Sacher: Living Out Faithful Servanthood; Donna Culver: A Childhood Calling; To the Streets of Montreal with Love; Fall 2008 Missionary Candidates

BCM World Spring 2008– In this issue: The Faces of BCM International; Split-second Tragedy Becomes God’s Glorious Intervention; To Indonesia with Love; Short-Term Mission Trip Creates Missions Journalist; Gateway to the Amazon; Recife, Brazil: Tourist Mecca, Home of Lost Souls; God’s Grace Abounding in Scotland; Spring 2008 Missionary Candidates

BCM World Winter 2007– In this issue: BCM Turns 70!; Because Children MATTER!; One Step at a Time!

BCM World Fall 2007– In this issue: A Look Back at BCM Netherlands; Centre SEPT: A Beacon of Service to France’s Evangelical Protestant Community; BCM Italy: Compelled by Love; BCM Germany: Ordinary People Serving an Extraordinary God; Raising a Banner High for Spain; Missionary Class of 2007