BCM ministry in the Republic of Ireland began in 1965 when Alice Lloyd and Claire Burford traveled to the Republic of Ireland to hold children’s Bible Clubs, five-day Sunshine Clubs and teacher training seminars. Over the years the ministry in Ireland has grown, from Bible Camps held in Laytown to a weekly club for children in Kilkenny:

  • 1969: the first of five Sunshine clubs began.
  • 1970: Alice and Claire started a Bible Club for boys at the Curragh Army Camp in County Kildare. Within a few years, 250 boys were attending that camp. The camp ministry led to opportunities to minister to women and a “Ladies Club” was established in the nearby town of Newbridge. This subsequently led to a Sunday night “fellowship meeting” where husbands were invited. The result was a church plant—Newbridge Bible Fellowship Church.
  • 1970: The first annual Bible Club residential camp held for the children of Laytown.
  • 1970: BCM ministry in Kilkenny began through a weekly Bible club for primary school children.
  • 1978: The “Shalom” home in Newbridge was purchased and serves as a home for BCM missionaries, in addition to the BCM headquarters in the Republic of Ireland.

The work is expanding:

In Ireland, BCM is at very exciting stage with more and more opportunities to serve developing on a continual basis.

While the work is primarily in the area of Children’s ministries through clubs and camps, Youth, Church and Teacher Training are also active ministries. BCM Ireland has just purchased its own Camp/Conference Centre as a facility to be used by the wider Church in Ireland.

There are new opportunities to serve God in all these areas ranging from drawing alongside existing workers to expanding the work into new areas.

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