Aerial Shot of Mill Stream Bible Camp

Aerial Shot of Mill Stream Bible Camp

Boating at Mill Stream Bible Camp

Mill Stream Bible Camp and Retreat Centre in Omemee, Ontario, Canada hosted seven weeks of summer fun in 2014. Two weeks were segregated—boys and girls—but the rest were co-ed and divided up by ages. Each camp week had a different theme. Among the most popular was “Hawaii”. A total of 212 campers ranging from five years old to teenage enjoyed this summer’s programs.

Camp director Larry Chupa shares one exciting story from this year’s summer camp: “A BCM Bible Club teacher who has hosted after-school children’s programs for many years sponsored three children from a low-income housing development near her own home to attend Mill Stream. One 13-year-old girl had heard the Gospel several times before, but finally gave her life to Christ on her fourth day at camp. How amazing it is to see the transformation of a rebellious heart converted to peace and joy!”

Mill Stream campers were joined by 38 staff and volunteers, mostly young people between the ages of 16-24. If seeing children come to Christ is exciting, so is watching young-adult volunteers grow in their spiritual walk. Director Larry Chupa reports joyfully, “We were blessed to see how God matured our staff emotionally and spiritually in the short seven weeks that they were at camp,”

Mill Stream has been in existence since 1946. They have been at their current facility since 1963. This is a year-round camp with cabins that are conducive to summer camping as well as winterized cabins for retreats in cold weather. This year Mill Stream leadership praise God for three new cabins. They are also grateful for a number of children who received Christ as Savior this summer and for the excellent staff the Lord provided for them.

Keep informed with Mill Stream and even rent space for a retreat by visiting their website:

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Originally Published in BCM World September 2014
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