In the year 1994, BCM was founded in Peru under the leadership of Carlos and Marion Odicio, followed later by two more families, the Torrejons and the Baillys. The ministry began with small scale evangelistic campaigns, seeking to motivate the churches to consider the children of Peru as their mission field. As a result, and in close cooperation with local churches, an evangelistic outreach to children, called “Pennies for Peru”, was created to take out onto the streets of Peru’s capital, Lima.

In 1998, the Lord provided a property in the Lurin valley, just outside of Lima, to function as the mission’s headquarters and Multifunctional Center. Ten years after the start of the ministry of BCM in Peru, the mission has 8 ministries to serve the local church in general, and more specifically for the evangelization and edification of the children of Peru.

Additionally, BCM Peru operates the Bible & Ministerial Institute which provides a 1-year basic Bible training program or a 3 year program of Bible plus practical training in a variety of children’s ministries. Both programs seek to equip young people with a basic working knowledge of the Word of God and produce future Christian leadership. The IBYM is situated at the Multifunctional Center offering residency to students during the week, while serving in local churches throughout Lima during the weekends.

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