Tiny Steps of Faith

Tiny Steps of Faith, designed for ages 4 and 5, is a Bible-centred, activity-oriented curriculum that lays a foundation of Bible truth for young minds. Each of the 4 volume includes Bible teaching presented with colourful plastic figures placed on a plastic Stick-on Storiboard. Each lesson includes interest centres, songs, prayer, simple Bible memory work and a weekly workbook page all designed to coordinate with the lesson theme and aim.

Volume 1 – Tell Me About God

12 Lessons. Presents God as Creator, the One who sees sin, and the One who sent His Son, Jesus. Includes lessons on God’s Creation, Adam & Eve, Jonah and the birth of Christ.

Volume 2 – Tell Me About Jesus

16 Lessons. Teaches the life of Christ from the beginning of His ministry through His ascension. Presents Jesus as God, Kind Helper, the Children’s Friend, and the Living Savior.

Volume 3 – Tell Me How to Trust God

15 Lessons. Encourages trust in God’s Word, God’s Son, God’s care, and prayer. Includes lessons on Noah. Josiah, Daniel, Joshua, David, Peter and more.

Volume 4 – Tell Me How to Please God

16 Lessons. Encourages pleasing God by loving Him and others and obedience to His Word. Includes lesson on Moses, Joseph, Dorcas, Elisha and more.

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