Training Curriculum

In Step with the Master Teacher is an exciting, ready-to-use  teacher training tool to prepare teachers to disciple children as Jesus did: by modeling God’s truth, by building relationships and by teaching for response. The hour-long training sessions are full of creative and practical ideas that teachers can use regardless of the location, size, and budget of their children’s ministry. The interactive CD contains everything needed to conduct 22 sessions of biblical, integrated teacher training. Each session includes fully-scripted training notes, reproducible worksheets, and full-colour visuals for printing or projection.

Sharing Christ with Kids will help teach others to boldly and biblically share the gospel with kids. The Sharing Christ with Kids training curriculum kit contains all the materials you need to teach a four-hour seminar. Included are one copy each of teaching notes, PowerPoint® presentations, a resource CD, promotional DVD, gospel cards and more! Published through a joint venture between Awana, Rorheim Institute, BCM International and Celebrate Kids.

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