Compilation of Digital Content


All of the downloadable digital content for the Footsteps of Faith  material conveniently placed on a reusable memory stick. Included are all of the visual and extra resources.

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Included on this memory stick is all 8 volumes of extra material for use with the Footsteps of Faith material. Including the visual and extra teaching resources for all lessons. They are all in convenient printable, copyright-free formats and in color, where applicable. Resources include visualized Bible verses (KJV and NIV), student take-home Bible verse tokens and booklet, student Bible study helps and a creative program idea menu. Also included are all the flannelgraph visuals arranged on appropriate colorful backgrounds, the Bible verse visuals (KJV and NIV) and review chart visuals in a PowerPoint slideshow format. An alternative visual: the slideshows can be printed onto 8” x 11” flashcards or enlarged to 11”x17” flashcards.