Pastor Daud brickyard outreach

Taking the Good News to Pakistan

By: Brian Hampshire with Jeanette Windle

Brian and Sarah Hampshire have served as BCM missionaries since 1989 through Bible Clubs, teacher training, music ministry, and other avenues. When physical challenges in more recent years necessitated slowing down, Brian searched for other ways to reach out with the Good News. For more than fifteen years, he had developed numerous video and PowerPoint series, which he made available through a YouTube channel and Facebook. These included Attributes of God, Jesus’s “I Am” statements, the Armor of God, a basic Bible knowledge series, and sketch-board-style evangelistic presentations. He has also produced numerous sermon videos, Bible songs he’d written, and gospel “magic” presentations that illustrate principles of God’s Word.

These various online series have been used by God in several countries. Then just this past year as Brian was praying for more doors of ministry to open, he was contacted by Pastor Daud Younas of Lahore, a city of over eleven million residents in the Punjabi region of Pakistan. Less than two percent of Pakistan is Christian, including Protestant, Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Anglican. While they often face persecution, they also have more freedom to worship and preach God’s Word publicly than in many other Muslim nations.

Along with a small team he has trained, Pastor Daud ministers to the poorest of the poor in and around Lahore. At least forty percent of the population live in slums or low-income housing developments where running water, electricity, sanitation, medical care, and schooling are extremely limited. Over half of Pakistan’s population live on less than two dollars a day. A large percentage of Pakistani Christians are from the Dalit class, descendants of lower-caste Hindus who came to Christ during the British colonial era. Under Pakistan’s fundamentalist Muslim administration, discrimination in both employment and education has kept them largely deprived of economic opportunities and often doing jobs Muslims and higher-caste Hindus will not touch such as cleaning sewers, garbage removal, street sweeping, and other sanitation jobs.

Because these believers have no church building, Pastor Daud and his team hold worship services in the streets as well as in some homes. The team travels two hours each week to minister to one particular group of people identified as “people of the brickyard.” Many of these are employed at a nearby brickyard, and initially their employer permitted Pastor Daud to hold services there. But the brickyard owner is Muslim and soon forbade the group to meet on his property, so the services were moved into a back alley in a slum where many of these believers live.

Pastor Daud has a theological degree and a deep passion to reach his country for Christ. But finding good biblical teaching material hasn’t been easy, especially when a majority of the believers he is reaching are illiterate and those who aren’t have no Bibles in their main language of Urdu. So he was excited to discover Brian Hampshire’s YouTube videos and other online teaching material. Reaching out through Facebook and Skype, he asked Brian about using his PowerPoint presentations and translating the various series into Urdu. 

Pastor Daud brickyard outreach

Thus began what has become an ongoing ministry partnership. It soon became clear that live teaching was far more practical than using the online videos. A small generator, PowerPoint projector, screen, and laptop permit Brian to teach his material live through Skype with Pastor Daud translating into Urdu. His first session was with the “brickyard” congregation. Brian used a gospel “magic” illustration to preach a salvation message. He was deeply moved at how eager the audience was to hear the Good News after having worked a fourteen-hour day in the brickyard, even young children.

Along with preaching at a number of “street” and “house” churches, Pastor Daud is also working to obtain Urdu audio Bibles as well as a literacy program to teach the believers to read the Bible for themselves. Monsoon flooding and other disasters have impacted food availability, causing many of these families to routinely go to bed hungry. So raising funds for food aid has been another priority. Along with providing seventy-five “street church” families with additional food supplies, the team was recently able to help ten desperate Muslim families. Their prayer is that these families will be reached for Christ along with receiving physical aid.

Brian’s ministry partnership recently hit a bump when Pastor Daud’s computer died. The goal once a new computer has been obtained is for Brian to preach regularly to the street congregations, including plans for a full evangelistic crusade in Lahore. He has also been asked to help train more teams virtually so this ministry can be duplicated in other locations around Pakistan. With his health making travel for in-person ministry increasingly difficult, Brian counts it a great blessing and privilege to be able to use his preaching, teaching, and video tech skills to reach people on the other side of the planet with the gospel right from his own home and computer screen.

“I’m looking forward to continue serving with Pastor Daud in this way,” Brian expresses. “He has such a great heart and huge vision for reaching Pakistan with the gospel. Many have come to Christ through this ministry. They are believers in a Muslim country. Please pray for these precious people as we seek to bolster their faith and reach out to the lost in nearby areas.”

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