BCM Candidate School 2016 - Ukraine

BCM Candidate School 2016 – Ukraine

By: Joe Dukes, BCM VP of Personnel

Amidst continued trauma of a border war that is now dragging into its third year, BCM Ukraine held its 2016 missionary candidate orientation in the capital city of Kiev with 12 new missionary candidates in attendance. The orientation took place from August 17-24 in Kiev’s Central Baptist Church, where BCM Ukraine director Dr. Igor Kotenko serves as one of five pastors. Among international BCM leadership participating were Dr. Marty Windle, President; Richard Thompson, European Director; Sam Hanchett, former Ukraine missionary and regional director; Dr. Bob Evans, International Representative; and Joe Dukes, VP of Personnel.


Military tank- Ukraine

Of the twelve candidates, a majority will be serving with BCM Ukraine’s extensive handi-camps and other handicapped ministry in the Zhitomir region where BCM missionaries Sasha & Svetlana Tomnytski currently serve. Upwards of 12% of Ukraine’s population suffers from some aspect of physical or mental handicap, and there are few resources available to handicapped citizens, much less their families. Among other candidates, one is a medical doctor who has been involved in BCM children’s and youth camps outreach while another has served as lead program leader for those same camp ministries.  One young woman is actually from neighboring Russia. A graduate from a Canadian Bible college, her goal is to serve in her homeland, reaching children for Christ and training other leaders across Russia in effective children’s ministry.

For a full overview of BCM Ukraine ministries, see Speaking Unchanging Truth to an Ever-changing Nation, BCM World, Spring, 2016.


Originally Published in BCM World September 2016

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