In 1992 Bob Evans, European Director, discovered that Odessa Seminary had translated and printed some BCM children’s material. Upon the recommendation of the seminary’s Rector, Sergey Sannikov, BCM invited Dr. Igor and Oksana Kotenko to be BCM’s first missionaries in the Former Soviet Union. In 1993 Odessa Seminary student Sam Hanchett and wife Nina joined BCM. Sam was appointed as Area Director for the CIS in 1994. In 1993 BCM sent a team of Americans to Vologda, Russia under the CoMission Project to teach a Gospel based ethics program in the schools. In 1998 when their ministry was done Sherri Brock remained and built a team of nationals to minister in schools and orphanages, and continues to this day.

From 1996-99 three families, Antonovs, Anokhins and Dymchenkos, and Gerald King all involved in pastoral and church ministry joined BCM. In 1999 Monika Klausing from Germany built a small team to minister to the handicapped in Kiev. Sasha and Sveta Tomnitsky started a similar ministry in Zhitomir and joined Monika’s team. In 2005 BCM began renting a two acre camp site in the Carpathian mountains with the dream of purchasing the land and developing a permanent camp. From 2005-09 Olga Zaitseva has labored to spread the ministry of BCM teachers’ material “In Step with the Master Teacher” in Ukraine, Russia and Moldova. Other BCM ministries include rehabilitation of ex-convicts who accepted Christ in prison, instruction in Bible colleges and ministry to the hard of hearing.

Ministry Opportunities

BCM International is always looking for people dedicated to spreading the gospel among the nations. If you feel that God is calling you to serve in Ukraine or elsewhere, please fill out our Preliminary Questionnaire or contact us toll-free at 1-888-226-4685. 

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